Video Course for Dax Power Pivot Underway!

I’m back from my break in Bonny Scotland…and I can’t wait to start the video version of the DAX Power Pivot & Data Modelling course.

I’ve given myself until mid February to complete it, so expect to see it available online by the end of that month.

I’ll be offering substantial discounts from this site if you want to follow along with me – step-by-step!

The eBook IS a standalone that you can work from effectively. However, I think it’s main purpose is as a handy refresher for them you’re on the go.

If you have downloaded the files, you’ll see I have included a screenshot packed user guide that included group work and practices exercises for when you have the time to sit down and immerse yourself in the next logical step in your Excel learning.

  • Download the step-by-step User Guide as you follow along in the Group Work exercises
  • Embed and consolidate your knowledge with the follow-up Practice Exercises and Solutions video lectures
  • Join the 1% of Excel users that have seized the day and have become excited again about Excel
  • Take the next logical step in both your Excel experience and career path
  • Get noticed for your efficiency and reporting skills
  • Get that promotion
  • Go for that ideal job

Until then, I’ll let you know my progress and I’ll do my best to produce a killer video course for you all!