Power Pivot – 10 Easy Steps for Beginners

Hi Power Pivotors, I changed the title to Power Pivot10 Easy Steps for Beginners

…purely to make it a little less daunting if you’re just starting out – there’s really nothing to worry about – it’s like anything, you just have to give it a go! And, because I’m there every step of the way to guide you – what could possibly go wrong, RIGHT??

And, WOW! -what a response ,It’s been incredible…

So, whatcha waiting for? Just remember to leave a review, that way I can share with you more and more discounts!!!

Click on Menus  to watch some of the preview lectures and get to know me better. It’s really important you trust me and we get to know each other. So, introduce yourself to me once you sign up and lets get you started using this awesome tool.

I’ve changed the way I think about Excel stuff these days, I no longer think in VLOOKUP solutions, I’m thinking relationships, measures, dashboards for EVERYTHING.

I visualise the final report in Power Pivot and that’s a major shift and your bosses will love it BUT more importantly, so will you. You’ll get such a sense of achievement and you’ll feel you’re developing – not regressing.

You know, for a long time I felt OK about my Excel skills – I was confident that I could crack most problems, but sometimes that eeked into my weekends when I was determined to find a solution before Monday morning – it just made me feel I wouldn’t be letting anyone down or that I looked incompetent.

So, I turned to Power Pivot – albeit a little daunted by this BI label – I thought “I don’t deal with Big Data“. What I didn’t realise was, I didn’t have to. All the tools are geared for any size data – there’s no minimum threshold.

Then I was hooked – it got me!

Power Pivot refreshed and re-energised my inner guru – I’m in love! All those years of Excel-ing has paid off and I’m excited again.

Thanks so much for all your support and I’ll speak to you soon