5 Day Give-Away 9-13 Janary 2017

Well, it’s finally here – the DAX Power Pivot eBook is live and available for FREE download until Friday 13 January 2017!
It’s been a labour of love and a HUGE learning curve – but I DID IT!
A couple of weeks ago I had:

  • NO website
  • NO social media presence or experience
  • NO idea of how and where to start

Today I have:

  • 100 downloads from across the world
  • AND my first review on Amazon

From little acorns….
I’ve learned how to create a VERY basic website, let’s face it – my number 1 priority was to provide a way of downloading the supporting user guide and files for the eBook. But, I also had to capture email addresses and protect myself in the process.
I had to learn quickly how to automate emails in response to file download requests and I had to find a way of monitoring the hits to my site with analytics of some kind. So, I have learnt A LOT since Christmas and I have LOVED it.
Tidying up the site and making it look a bit more 21st century is next on my to-do list. Please cut me a little slack whilst I find out how I do that!
If you have an idea – go for it. It’s entirely do-able – with some practice, fortitude and determination!
Watch this space and I’ll share what snippets I find out along the way!
In the meantime, if you’ve downloaded the supporting files and you have any queries, bounce back the email you received when the download arrived in you mailbox and I’ll answer directly or on this page, either way I’ll let you know.
Speak soon